Coliving Semkovo

Let’s build nomad utopia together!

A unique adult-only 200-unit coliving destination

in a remote location in Bulgaria based on






A unique adult-only 200-unit coliving destination in a remote location in Bulgaria based on






The vision behind Coliving Semkovo

In Bulgaria, there are many unused buildings and old hotels in out-of-the-way places that can be purchased at a much lower cost than in more developed areas. This presents an opportunity to transform these properties into something amazing and affordable.

Our vision is to convert a 16,700 m2+ building into 200 apartments and create a one-of-a-kind coliving community in a remote, natural setting. This will provide residents with a unique living experience that fosters collaboration, community, and cooperation.

We are creating a coliving experience that brings together a community of innovators, dreamers, and change makers, providing them with an amazing environment to live and grow.

Our adult-only community allows us to focus on the needs and interests of our members, providing a tailored and enjoyable experience. This also eliminates distractions and disruptions that can come with having children.

With 200 units, our community has the size and scale to offer a wide range of experiences and activities for our residents. Whether you're looking for someone to share a meal with, explore the local area, or work on a project.

Semkovo is a destination in itself, offering a wide range of outdoor activities in the nearby mountains as well as a range of indoor amenities and facilities for a unique and memorable experience to enjoy.

Our remote location creates a close-knit community where residents can form deep connections and focus on building strong relationships. This creates a unique and rewarding living experience.

Being part of the Coliving Semkovo community means you share a common interest and can build social and professional connections with others from diverse backgrounds and locations.

Our community of 200 can achieve ambitious goals together and create a vibrant and active community. Our size allows us to be innovative and effective together.

Our building provides a platform for residents to pursue their interests and contribute to the community. We plan to partner with local businesses for amenities and events.

200 coliving apartment units

Small private spaces
but large communal
areas create the coliving
All units come with their own private bathrooms. Owners decide about kitchenettes or full kitchens.
Various different open floorplans from 20m2 to 60m2 to make everyone feel at home
Interior design proposals to create an inviting and modern atmosphere

How much is the investment?

Purchase an apartment and
become an owner of the co-op coliving business

Unfurnished from

15,000 €

~20 m² unit size,
various styles, require renovation and furnishing.
private bathrooms and kitchens
€800 annual owners fee
for maintenance and coliving

There are bigger
units as well!

40 m², from € 25,000
60 m², from € 35,000
also possible to combine units
renovation and owners fees are higher for bigger units

What is included?

a share in the co-op business
about 8000 m² of common areas
unique owners
rental & property management
See FAQ for more info!

Generous, iconic communal areas

Large communal areas to enjoy life together.
Open workspaces to inspire and be creative.
Flexible event spaces from small groups to 250 people conferences
Iconic architecture and over 8000m2 of communal areas create a exciting experience

Become part of Coliving Semkovo


Become part of the project with a non-refundable backer fee of 600€

To ensure the success of the project, we will work closely with engineers, architects, lawyers, and other experts to confirm all of the details and budgets. We will also promote the project to potential buyers, much like a crowdfunding campaign, in order to generate enough interest and support to make the project a reality.
We will prioritize our backers - please understand that the building might be sold out before non-backers get the chance to buy an apartment.


After we found 150 backers

Select your apartment and secure it with 10 % refundable deposit
When we have reached our goal of at least 125 apartments reserved, we will begin the process of signing sales contracts and putting payments into escrow. This will enable us to move forward with splitting the units in the cadastre, obtaining individual meters for each unit, and completing all of the legal and administrative requirements for the sale.


About 3 months later: Everyone gets their title deeds

The co-op is registered and all owners get their share. Voting on the inaugural management and owners fees.
Optional: All owners can now decide if they want to get the renovation and furniture package from the co-op or if they want to renovate their units themselves.


Renovation and furnishing

The co-op starts renovation and furnishing of the communal areas.
The co-op manages the renovation and furnishing of owner units.


About 6 months later: Grand Opening

Our grand opening for Coliving Semkovo is planned for the winter of 2023, and we are excited to be able to offer a sneak preview of the community through a series of pop-up events starting in late summer. These events will provide an opportunity for owners, influencers and trial guests to get a feel for the location, learn more about what we have to offer, and help to promote it to future guests.

Experience Semkovo

Mountain Biking
Dance Classes
Winter Sports
Mountain Activities

Backers are excited about this project

“Because it sounds like awesomeness!! Totally in line with what I wish to invest in and spend my time in the future :)“

“I am looking at buying a place in Bulgaria to live from part of the year anyway. This would meet that desire and automatically come with support renting the place out when I’m not there.”

"I love Bulgaria and I love what Matthias has done with his coworking business in Bansko. I love the DN community & the co-living concept"

“I am currently working IBM, but have a history of digital nomad lifestyle for a few years. I am thinking of this both as an investment for renting out, and as a potential retreat place for myself.”

“I like the idea about a community driven project. That is why I was part of the Coliving Bansko project. This one looks quite out of the box, but intriguing, so why not :)”

“There are several reasons... having a homebase while traveling, living together in a community of like-minded people. Of course, investment and future returns and earnings. Being part of something bigger. Etc.”

The 5 biggest challenges -
and how we deal with them

Are there any unknown risks?

When undertaking a project as large and complex as converting an old building into a coliving community, there are always risks that need to be considered. These can include issues related to the building itself, such as structural problems or unexpected costs, as well as risks associated with the schedule and overall budget. To mitigate these risks, it is important to have a risk buffer in place and to be prepared to adjust plans as necessary. By carefully planning and being prepared to adapt to required changes, we will manage these risks and ensure the success of the project.

How will we manage the coliving with so many co-owners?

In order to manage a coliving community with many co-owners, it is important to have the right tools and systems in place. One way to do this is to use digital tools to support key processes, such as communication, decision-making, and budgeting. This can make it easier for everyone to stay informed and engaged, and to contribute to the success of the community. In addition, it is important to have a focused input to the budget, in order to ensure that the community has the resources it needs to thrive. Finally, having professional management in place can help to ensure that the day-to-day operations of the community are handled effectively and efficiently. By using these tools and approaches, it is possible to manage a large and complex coliving community successfully.

How can we ensure that the annual maintenance costs don't spiral out of control?

One way to ensure that annual maintenance costs do not spiral out of control is to carefully plan and budget for these expenses. This should include an assessment of the building and its systems, in order to identify any potential issues that may need to be addressed. By setting aside funds for regular maintenance and repairs, it is possible to keep costs under control and avoid unexpected expenses. Additionally, having a professional property management team in place can help to ensure that maintenance is performed in a timely and cost-effective manner. It is also important for the co-owners to have a say in the budgeting process, through a voting system, in order to ensure that everyone's priorities are taken into account. By being proactive and taking a strategic approach, it is possible to keep annual costs under control and avoid potential problems.

How can we avoid to go over budget for the renovation?

To avoid going over budget during the renovation, it is important to carefully plan and estimate the costs upfront. This should include an assessment of the building and its systems, in order to identify any potential issues that may need to be addressed. By having a detailed understanding of the costs involved, it is possible to create a realistic budget and avoid unexpected expenses - before we set the final pricing for the apartment reservation
Additionally, it is important to have full transparency in the co-op, in order to ensure that everyone is informed and aware of the budget and any potential changes. This can be achieved through regular communication and updates, as well as a system for joint decision making that involves all of the co-owners. By being proactive and transparent, it is possible to avoid going over budget and keep the renovation on track.

How will we attract 1000+ of guests per year?

Our project offers a very attractive price point compared to other coliving offerings, which will help to attract the first guests. In addition, the large scale of the project and the remote location will create a truly amazing community experience that people will be drawn to. And finally, the shared ownership model will incentivize the other 199 owners to help promote their apartments and the project as a whole. These factors will combine to create a unique and appealing coliving destination that will be in high demand.

What is the business model?

Rent starting from €499

Coliving - 1 Month - Studio - 1 Person

The owner gets

Rent: €200
Reimbursed utilities

The co-op gets

Coliving Membership: €150
Utilities charge: €50
Cleaning Fee: €20
VAT, tourist, misc fees: €79
All profits will be shared
through the co-op structures

Over 200 people interested already!

200 apartments available
in Block A & B

71 backer fees paid

Minimum 125 investors

Target: 150 backers

Timeline - the most optimistic scenario

Timeline - most optimistic scenario

3 months
3-9 months
Winter '23

Find Backers

Need 150 deposits to start reservations.

Minimum 125 units sold - but better all 200 confirmed!


Units need to be split in cadastre before we can transfer the deeds.

Payment put in escrow

Co-op is setup


Block A and some common areas first.

Preference for earlier backers.

Soft Opening

We will aim to for popup events and experience before the official opening to build buzz and get media.


Block A is fully ready and we can operate the building at a minimum of 100 guests

Find Backers

We estimate that we need 150 backers to sell our minimum of 125 units to start the project. But better would be to sell all units units!
3 months


Units need to be split in cadastre before we can transfer the deeds.

Payment put in escrow

Co-op is setup
3-9 months


Block A and some common areas first.

Preference for earlier backers.
Summer '23


We will aim to for popup events and experience before the official opening to build buzz and get media.
Winter '23

Soft Opening

Block A is fully ready and we can operate the building at a minimum of 75 guests

Where is Semkovo?

Semkovo is located just a 20-minute drive from Belitza, a small town with a population of around 10,000, famous for its Bear Sanctuary. It offers a range of amenities, including shops, restaurants, hotels, doctors, a train station, and a bus stop. This makes it easy for residents of Coliving Semkovo to access the services and conveniences of a larger town, while still enjoying the benefits of living in a remote and beautiful location.

Other places are a short drive away:
40-50 minutes to Bansko (ski resort)
2:30 hours to Sofia (airport & capital)
3 hours to Plovdiv (2nd biggest city)
3 hours to Kavala (beach town in Greece)

As the roads are improved, these trips will become shorter in the future.

Meet our Backers

Future friends and neighbors

Who are the people that said "yes" first to the idea of transforming this old building into one of the most amazing coliving locations in the world? What motivates them? What are their dreams? And do they like to play boardgames?

Yes, I want to become part of the magic! 

Coliving Semkovo Live Series

Insights from the luminaries of coliving

During our live sessions many coliving insiders are sharing their knowledge with us.
Click on session below or check the upcoming events on Facebook.